Wednesday, August 23, 2017

1982 Hófehérke Half-Sheet from Hungary

This Hungarian Snow White movie poster dates from the film's restored theatrical re-release in 1982. The artwork was created by well-known Hungarian artist János Seres. Along right side of the poster is the artist's name and a date, July 1982. Along the left is small print including the logo of the distributor MOKÉP. Dimensions: 22" x 15"

Image via Special thanks to David for letting us know about this one.

"Wonder Glow" Wall Plaque

The "Wonder Glow" Wall Plaque features a Snow White die-cut piece attached to a sturdy .125" thick cardboard background. A fluorescent glow-in-the-dark coating outlines her and also appears on her dress. Plaque measures 7" x 8" (17 x 20 cm). Made in Canada exclusively for British Canadian Sales & Supplies Ltd., Toronto. Under license from Walt Disney Productions by Florescent Industries, Ltd. Possibly dates from the 1940s.

Image courtesy of Nunziante Valoroso.

Original envelope.

Italian Coloring Book Set by Publisher Alfredo Caravaggio

A series of four Snow White coloring books were issued circa 1940-41 by Italian publishing house Alfredo Caravaggio Editore, Milan. The set is is numbered 1-4. The books are designed with a full-color page opposite the same image in black & white, ready for coloring or painting. Dimensions: 21.2 cm x 15 cm; 8 pages each.

The four covers.

Book no. 2 sample pages.

Book no. 3 sample pages.

These same titles were re-printed years later by Piccoli Editrice. The back covers of book no. 3 are pictured here for comparison of the Alfredo Caravaggio edition to Piccoli.

Special thanks to Nunziante Valoroso for sharing sample pages from his collection.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Μὲλο Trading Cards from Greece

In the 1970s, Greek chocolate company, Μὲλο, issued a series of Disney trading cards that were included inside packages of their bars. The set of cards numbered over 150. Character name and image on front side, text and number on back. The card dimensions changed in the mid 70s when Μὲλο redesigned their chocolate bars, so different sizes are found.

Note two variations of the Xionath card with text along bottom or top.

Additional images via lolanaenaallo.

Loads of other Disney characters were also issued in the series.

Tinker Bell images and additional info courtesy of Matt at Random Neat Stuff.